About us
Limited Liability Company ОКBМ

“OKBM” (Limited Liability Company) is one of the leading industrial enterprises of Russia, which specializes in design, manufacture and testing of aircraft piston engines, gear mechanisms and transmission systems for aircraft and aerospace vehicles.


Main areas of activities of “OKBM”:

  • research and design works;
  • design, manufacture, testing and repair of aerotechnics  such as aircraft piston engines, main reduction gears for helicopters, mechanical, electromechanical driving gears and operating mechanisms of controlling slats, flaps, ailerons, rudders, air inlets, rocking doors of an aircraft;
  • carrying out work related to the implementation of international, federal, sectoral, regional, scientific and technical programs.

“OKBM” is one of the few enterprises in the world and the only one in Russia which design and produces units of gear-hinged group for aerotechnics. Units are designed to convert high-speed twist of transmission cardan shafts with low moment into slow-speed angular motion of output elements with high pulling torque.

“OKBM” is the Design bureau of the main reduction gear R-26 for helicopter Ka-26. The enterprise also conducts designer’s supervision and technical support in the process of operation and repair of the main reduction gear for helicopter Ka-26.

“OKBM” maintains and increases potential as the design and manufacturer of pistol engines of various purpose.

“OKBM” possesses modern technical and experimental base which allows to create reduction mechanisms and transmission systems as well as conduct full stroke of trials and research of characteristics and also certification of products produced.

Design and technology units are equipped with up-to-date projection systems, which favour highly productive and qualitative designing of products, documentation release, control of production process, efficient processing of test results.